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February 7th, 2012 by KC Construction

First snow of the year hit in the middle of January, which is not completely unusual, time-wise. It was relatively unusual in its depth, however! We had about 8″ at the barn by the time it was all said and done. It stayed quite cold (right around freezing) for a week before a couple of days of warm wind and a little rain made it all a memory. Now here we are three weeks later and I can smell the tiniest bit of spring in the air. It’s time to prune those roses and fruit trees!

First Frost…

October 18th, 2011 by KC Construction

This is the Contractor’s Wife reporting…

It’s the first frost of the year at “The Barn” on Foxtrot. We’re close to the Strait here – so close we can hear the waves if the wind is right and the waves are high enough – and that proximity provides an extra couple of degrees of warmth through the fall and winter months. I’m sure the first frost came to Sequim proper two or three days ago.

It’s really starting to feel like fall, even though fall officially started nearly a month ago. We’ve had a particularly lovely Indian Summer which almost made up for the dreadful true summer we had this year. But now the chickens are going to their roosts earlier and earlier (along with the setting sun) and Beamer, the standard poodle, who has always been a bit persnickety about such things, hesitates to go out into the dark of the morning if there is a chance of getting his feet wet. This morning I looked in the closet and decided that I could finally pack away the flip flops and summer sandals. Terry has already transitioned into his hickory shirts and heavy coat in the morning, because of course, he hits the road so much earlier than I do.

We’re looking forward to a sunny fall afternoon with friends, pressing apples! It’s become a tradition for us to venture out into the valley this time of year, looking for unappreciated (and unpicked) apple trees to harvest. Last weekend we pressed about 12 gallons and expect to do twice that amount (or more) this afternoon. In the process we meet great people and see old friends – thanks to Conn and Ginny for the apples from the ancient tree at the old Knutsen Farm, and to the kind couple whose apple trees Terry has been admiring (and coveting) on his way back and forth from the new home we have under construction nearby. It never ceases to amaze us how many trees around here aren’t harvested! If you’re reading this post and you live in Sequim – call us! We’re happy to trade cider for apples!

Well – I’m making an entry in my gardening notebook about the first frost (October 15th). You should make sure your hoses are all disconnected from the faucets, your gutters are clear and your sweaters are handy! Now go out and enjoy this beautiful sunny Saturday!