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A Busy 2014

November 20th, 2014 by KC Construction

Well, my New Year’s Resolution to post more to my blog was about as successful as most resolutions are, I suppose! Nevertheless, we had a busy and successful year in 2014.

Our major project this year was a new custom home built for “spec” on a lot in the city of Sequim. This cute little craftsman will be full of wonderful details – we’re doing the interior floors and trim all in clear oak, with our signature combination of Richlite counters and decorative tile backsplashes! Check in a few months to see the “finished” photos.

New construction in Sequim

New construction in Sequim

Just last month we started a new custom home in Happy Valley. This compact farmhouse looks absolutely fabulous, even at this early framing stage – it’s just such a classic design!
Happy Valley Home  under construction

Happy Valley Home under construction

Check in to the page over the next few weeks, as I plan to upload additional photos of some of our other 2014 projects, including new decks, tile work, remodels, etc.

New Year’s Resolutions

December 31st, 2013 by KC Construction

It’s about 7:00pm on New Year’s Eve and I’ve been working on updating the website! I must admit I’ve been very lax about this, and my new year’s resolution is to be better about putting pictures and information about our new projects on the site for you to enjoy and be inspired by, hopefully! This past year has found us busy with a major remodel at the lovely St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Bainbridge Island. We remodeled their 1950’s vintage kitchen into a state of the art commercial space and updated the adjoining bathrooms to meet current ADA standards. I’ll be posting some pictures in the next few weeks, along with some other recent projects, including a series of outbuildings (barns, garages and shops) and some very appealing homes. Terry and I wish you all the best in the coming new year and hope we can add your project to the collection appearing here at!

How KC Construction got it’s name

January 28th, 2011 by KC Construction

How KC Construction got it’s name: Terry Selby?  Beth McHugh? We don’t see any Ks or Cs in there at all! The new business was named in honor of the two faithful dogs who made the trip to Sequim with him: Kay-Cee (a young, blue merle Australian Shepherd) and Cooper (a senior Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross). In the early years of the business, you could always see Terry and the dogs around town, Cooper sitting quietly on the seat beside him and Kay-Cee hanging out the window, smiling his toothy grin at everyone who went by. Cooper passed away in 2004, followed tragically by Kay-Cee in 2006 after a brief battle with cancer. Little Ko-Dee, a red merle Australian Shepherd arrived shortly thereafter to try to fill the big paws vacated by Kay-Cee. Then, in 2007, Case, an Australian Shepherd/ Springer Spaniel cross, joined the pack and KC Construction once again had a K and a C to occupy the truck with Terry! If you become a customer, we promise you will have plenty of attention from the furry members of our crew!  Most popular are those who keep ready supplies of beef jerky on hand!